New Cannabis Technology and Innovations

So much about the cannabis industry is evolving on a daily basis. From shifting regulations and laws, criminal expungements, market predictions, and technological innovations—it can be difficult to keep up with everything that’s happening.

Yes, the industry can be overwhelming, but it’s also exciting. That’s why we love working in it; there’s always something new happening. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the latest cannabis technology innovations making waves in the cannabis world.

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Innovations in Cannabis Technology for Agriculture

The agriculture industry is quickly evolving to meet the increasing demand in the cannabis industry. Here are some exciting innovations in cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis Crop Steering Technology

Like most crops, cannabis growth is regulated by hormones that react to the environment around them. Recent innovative technologies have allowed growers to execute a greater degree of control over the development of their crops with crop steering.

Crop steering is a method by which farmers manage a controlled growing environment to regulate the hormones being produced by cannabis plants. Environmental aspects that crop steering can affect include temperature, humidity, and soil water levels.

These systems require advanced sensor technology, tracking tools, and both AI and manual controls to ensure all steering takes place at optimal times. This method is constantly evolving and improving with the inclusion of new software and hardware. In the near future, it’s likely that AI will begin managing crop steering strategies for farmers.

More farmers are using this technology to increase their crop yield and flower production, and ultimately increase profits. 

Vertical Farming Technology

Vertical farming is one of the agriculture industry’s solutions for space-saving farming. The technique isn’t new, but recent advancements are making this method more accessible, efficient, and effective. 

Vertical farming involves the use of racks to support trays of crops. The bottom of each rack can have an LED light that evenly distributes light to the plants on the rack below. Air ventilation, smart controls, and energy-saving tech can help vertical farmers create habitats where crops can thrive in a fraction of the space of a traditional farm. 

Genetic Cannabis Engineering

These days, innovation starts before the plant hits the soil. Genetic engineering has opened up a world of cultivation possibilities that have led to better, more resilient, and more valuable crops. 

While genetic engineering isn’t particularly new, innovations in technology have allowed scientists to achieve more specific, desirable traits. Plus, genetic engineering used to take an extended length of time, but it can now be accomplished more efficiently and effectively. 

Some of the traits that can be adjusted with genetic engineering include:

  • Climate tolerance
  • Pest resistance
  • Size
  • Grow rate
  • CBD and THC ratio
  • Flavor and scent

This is one of the most exciting fields of innovation for cannabis cultivation, and researchers are only just beginning to learn more.

Innovations in Cannabis Technology for Commerce

On the business side of the cannabis industry, there are plenty of innovations keeping retailers, manufacturers, and other industry members on their toes. 

Consumer Data and Analytics

With the advancement of reporting software, many tech companies have been able to provide in-depth information about purchase drivers, and consumer behavior. But innovative applications of this technology are likely to result in a more sophisticated understanding of every aspect of the industry. 

These analytics are critical as the changing acceptance and legalization status of the cannabis industry is going to change the demographics and the psychographics of the buyers. Watching these market segments change over time is critical to understanding how to market and sell cannabis products in the future. 

Reporting and Monitoring Software

Reporting software can also offer data about production during the cultivation stage, and monitor weed genetics and watering cycles. It can monitor a company’s messaging to ensure they are remaining compliant and producing safe, high-quality products. 

Claim, License, and Certification Validation Software

As it currently stands, cannabis brands and businesses can make pretty much any claims they want to make, and there are few regulatory bodies working to actively monitor those claims. The FDA and various state cannabis commissions, for example, simply don’t have the resources to wade through the amount of work that needs to be done in this space.

Even though the FDA recently announced that it will not regulate CBD and that it was calling on Congress to act, it was explicit that it will continue to watch, monitor, and issue warnings and fines, fees, and penalties in conjunction with the FTC. 

“The FDA will continue to take action against CBD and other cannabis-derived products to protect the public, in coordination with state regulatory partners, when appropriate,” said Janet Woodcock, principal deputy commissioner, of the FDA. “We will remain diligent in monitoring the marketplace, identifying products that pose risks, and acting within our authorities.” 

Claim and certification validation software can verify and actively monitor a company’s claims, quality certifications, licensing, ingredient lists, product labels, and lab testing. This means customers can shop with confidence that what they see on a Q-verified brand’s labels, website, and social media is accurate and trustworthy.

Blockchain Technology

It’s no secret that the cannabis industry has a considerable lab shopping and fake lab report problem. As a result of this issue, states across the country have found that a concerning percentage of products being sold in licensed dispensaries contain contaminants. Even more are mislabeled for potency. Some even have troublesome levels of prohibited pesticides or fungicides. 

Blockchain technology improves the accuracy and efficacy of lab reports by storing all lab documentation in a secure, immutable, and accessible digital location. Q-verified labs in Qredible go through a vetting process and are directly integrated into the secure hyper-fabric ledger blockchain. This creates peace of mind by reducing the risk of fraudulently modified lab reports. The result is safer, more reliable cannabis and CBD products. 

Disruptive Technology for a Safer Industry

Qredible is the cannabis industry’s only digital registry of validated and verified cannabis, CBD, and hemp brands. 

Not only does the technology verify claims made by brands and businesses, but it also brings together numerous other cannabis technology innovations including:

  • Blockchain databases for secure, immutable, and trustworthy documentation
  • Active AI monitoring to ensure the most relevant and up-to-date information is available for consumers
  • Remediation software to help businesses show the positive changes they’ve made in response to negative reviews
  • Credibility scores and seals to help customers easily pick out the most trustworthy and reliable cannabis, CBD, and hemp products

Qredible is currently working with many brands. It is only being offered today as a business-to-business model; however, Qredible is preparing for a national launch to consumers in the coming months. Qredible will be offered 100% free for consumers to use. Businesses in Qredible pay to take advantage of its tools and support, and to show customers that they’re willing to stand behind their products. 

If you’re an end user of hemp, CBD, or legal cannabis brands, stay tuned for when we launch to consumers. You will have the ability to download a very powerful app to inform you of critical updates about your brand, including product recalls and the status of licenses, certifications, and other tools to research the company and the brand. You will be wise to look for the Q-Verified seal on the company and product that you are using. 

If you’re a business interested in being in Qredible, sign up for a free hour-long informational session where a member of our team will give you a complete demo and answer any of your questions. 

You can request an individual one-on-one session or join one of our many group webinars where you can sit back, enjoy lunch and learn. We will discuss how easy, simple, and extremely cost-effective it is to differentiate yourself by becoming Q-Verified.

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